Mining Subcommittee Chair in no hurry to bring forth recommendations

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau Assembly member Norton Gregory will continue to chair the Mining Subcommittee for the new Assembly.

    The panel is charged with coming with recommendations on the proposal to amend the CBJ Mining Ordinance.

    Gregory was a guest on Action Line Friday and talked about he described as "the next big thing." He said they have a  need for two Planning Commissioners to join the subcommittee. They are also going to be asking two members of the public to join the committee. "I would really encourage anybody who has any expertise in mining that can contribute to this committee to please apply with the clerk's office.  We have a form that they can fill out.  We'll be reviewing those applications.  Right now the estimated date for review will be November 9, so the applications should be submitted prior to that date."

    Gregory was asked about the time line for getting recommendations to the full Assembly.  "I'm in no hurry.  I don't see an urgency to get through this right away.  I don't think that we should move too quickly.  We want to make sure that we are thorough.  We want to make sure that we're transparent.  We want to make sure that the community is educated on the mining ordinance and I think we should take as much time as we need to comfortably to get through this report and make sure the community is aware of what's going on, make sure they're aware of what's in these reports and make sure that everybody feels good about it before we put forth any recommendations to the Assembly."

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