Moose shot within Denali National Park; rangers investigate

    Moose was found Tuesday near Denali post office.

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — National Park Service rangers are investigating the shooting death of a moose inside Denali National Park in violation of federal law.

    The cow moose was found Tuesday near the Denali post office.

    The moose's calves, which are about three weeks old, remain in the area.

    People in the park are allowed to carry guns and can shoot moose to defend themselves but must report the incident. No report has been filed.

    Park officials say they have no plans to rescue the calves.

    The agency says they're too nimble to catch easily and trying to catch them would be dangerous for the animals.

    They say that if the calves weaken enough to be caught safely, they will be captured and transferred to a rearing facility.

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