Official Claims Increased Turbidity in Kenai River Isn't Huge Deal

    Kenai, AK (AP) - A recent study says the Kenai River is not meeting all water quality criteria due to increased turbidity, or lack of clarity.

    KSRM-AM radio reports the Department of Environmental Conservation submitted a proposal to add the river to Alaska's list of waters that are not meeting all water quality criteria.

    But Alaska Board of Fisheries official Robert Ruffner says the proposal to list the river is simply asking "are we making water muddier then we should be as associated with boat traffic?"

    Ruffner says Turbidity happens naturally and is not "the end of the world."

    Increased turbidity is caused by sediment particles and other organic matter becoming suspended in the water column.

    The public has until 5 p.m. on Jan. 29 to comment on the Department of Environmental Conservation's findings.

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