Online auctions helping to clean up Juneau's junked vehicle nuisance

    Photo credit to Juneau Police Department

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Over the past six months, the Juneau Police Department has been changing the way they conduct vehicle auctions.

    Traditionally, JPD has held two to four public outcry auctions each year.  They were held to sell impounded vehicles that had never been picked up by the owner.  The vehicles became impounded due to arrests, traffic or parking violations, abandoned of junked, or during motor vehicle crashes.

    Police said traditional auctions were cumbersome and time-consuming.  it also costs money to rent the space for the auction and takes a lot of resources to hold the event.

    The impound yard is now overcrowded.  Many come from abandoned vehicles left across Juneau.  Community Service Officers have been working to track down offenders and vehicle owners to issue citations or have them take responsibility for their vehicles.

    Online auctions have been one solution to the problem.  So far JPD has held five online auctions this year.  The auctions are growing in popularity and more bids are being received.

    This will free up valuable space in the impound yard.

    JPD asked residents to protect themselves when you sell, trade or give a vehicle away.

    Some tips are available at the Department of Motor Vehicles website,

    The CBJ also offers a junk vehicle recycling program that provides free vehicle disposal.  More information can be obtained at the Skookum Sales and Recycling website,







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