Openings still available for STEM summer camps in Juneau

    Juneau Economic Development Council Executive Director Brian Holst says scholarships are available for the $260 entry fee.

    Juneau Economic Develop Council Executive Director, Brian Holst, says summer STEM camps still have openings, even the underwater robotics class.

    "We still have several camps available this summer, which are really robotics camps," began Holst. "We have one SeaPerch camp that is just about full. SeaPerch is underwater robotics; we spend most of our time on tabletop robotics, or if you get on the high school level, it's on the floor and they compete."

    Holst explained the objective of STEM programs while a guest on Capital Chat recently.

    "What you don't know is one Google search away, so what we're really trying to do now in education is get people to be able to do things with what they know. The focus of all of our camps is around giving school-aged kids an opportunity to focus on science, technology, engineering, and math."

    Holst says scholarships are available for the camps.

    "We have them through July on the weeks of the 11th, the 18th, the 25th, and the week of August 1st. There are spaces in all of these camps. They're all out at Thunder Mountain High School, and they cost $260 to participate. There are scholarships available; we have a great partnership with the Girl Scouts, and the Central Council is also helping if you have affiliations with either of those groups.  Parks and Recreation makes things available, and here at JEDC we have some sponsorship support from AEL&P, Central Label Council, and Alaska Airlines. We really try our best not to turn anyone away.  We charge what it costs to put these camps on; they're high quality camps, and we have to be able to cover our investment."

    Find more information at the Juneau Economic Development Council's website.

    The Juneau School District invites you to help bring more active, integrated, and real-life STEM experiences to Juneau schools.

    They are creating a searchable database that teachers can use to find specific STEM volunteers from the community to supplement their specific curricula.
    School board member Andi Story explains how to get involved.

    "We really would love to hear from any more community members. Ted Wilson, our curriculum and teaching guy, is the head of this. If you call the district at 523-1702 and ask for Ted if you have any questions, that would be good."

    You can also go to the Juneau School District's website and take a survey.

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