Overdue Alaska Legislature trying to reach resolution

    Gov. Bill Walker says he won't realistically get the comprehensive fiscal plan he wanted this year.

    JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — When the Legislature convened nearly five months ago, there was broad acknowledgement that something needed to be done to address Alaska's multibillion-dollar deficit but no clear consensus on a way forward. Not much has changed.

    With the clock winding down on the current special session, Gov. Bill Walker says that realistically he won't get the comprehensive fiscal plan he wanted this year.

    Lawmakers have shown little interest in Walker's tax proposals. The centerpiece of Walker's plan, using Alaska Permanent Fund earnings to help cover state costs, passed the Senate but must overcome concerns in a divided House.

    Economic consultant Gregg Erickson says there's a wide disagreement about how the government should be financed and the order in which various steps should be taken.

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