Parish Speaks on Federal Marijuana Situation

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - Representative Justin Parish provided his thoughts on the remand of state protections of the marijuana industry.

    The Justice Department, under the leadership of Jeff Sessions, has rescinded the Cole memo, which provided protections to states from federal interference with their decisions involving the marijuana industry. It is now possible for state attorney's to enforce federal laws in states that allow medicinal and recreational marijuana.

    When asked to comment on the State's response to the change in policy, state house representative Justin Parish said:

    “I’m sure that I speak for many of my colleagues, particularly those within my caucus, when I say I don't appreciate the threat of added Federal interference in a state regulated industry.”

    “I do want to say I don't think that any substantiv interference is likely. There only two FBI agents in the state of Alaska and they have a lot more important threats to the public to deal with.”

    When asked if the legislature would take specific action or let the situation play out, he responded that

    “The state has very limited influence over the federal government. The state legislature can say we'd rather you did this or we rather you did that. We can choose not to use State resources in support of a federal mission with which we disagree, but in terms of making a lot of countermand a federal policy it’s not terribly likely.”

    “I think you can probably expect a sternly worded letter, that’s about it.”

    Despite the change in federal policy, the doors to Juneau's recreational marijuana stores remain open.


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