Parks and Rec to discuss fireworks issue Friday night

    JUNEAU, Alaksa (KINY, Lori James) - The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee will be holding a special meeting Friday, September 9th, at 6 p.m. in Assembly Chambers to continue the discussion from Tuesday's PRAC meeting regarding the current motion concerning fireworks in parks.

    Assembly member Loren Jones commented on the motion on a recent Action Line.
    "There was a motion made to have the ordinance brought before us, and certain things were answered," Jones began." I voted no at that point, because I didn't think enough was in there; I would have rather seen a very broad ordinance, and then we'd narrow it down from there. As it is, we'll be fighting over making it broader, and I'm just not exactly sure where I'll come down. I enjoy the fireworks on the Fourth of July even though I hardly ever see them. My dog, before we lost her in February, spent most of the Fourth of July under the bed; when I can sit, look out my living room window, and watch fireworks from the beach down below me explode above my roofline, I think that's pretty excessive for personal fireworks. But, the limitations, the issues of enforcement, all of those are of great concern to me, but I haven't sorted it out yet."

    The PRAC will not be taking any public testimony on fireworks Friday night.

    Representative from Parks and Rec said on Capital Chat recently that their online survey shows most people want at least some changes to current rules regarding fireworks on CBJ lands.

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