Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee meeting to debate use of fireworks in Juneau

    The PRAC will meet in Assembly Chambers at City Hall for a community debate at 6 p.m. on August 2nd

    A community debate on the use of fireworks will commence at a meeting of the CBJ Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Tuesday evening.

    City Manager Rorie Watt talked about that while a guest on Action Line recently.

    "What's happened is that the use and size of fireworks people are using has increased over the years, and we're getting a lot of people who aren't happy and think it's intrusive on their private lives," Watt explained. "At the PRAC, they're going to be considering the idea of whether or not fireworks should be allowed in parks. That may or may not be a good idea, and I guess the other side of that is whether they should be allowed in neighborhoods; if they aren't allowed in parks, they have to be in neighborhoods. I think we're going to see some focus on this issue, and we're going to try and thread the eye of the needle and try to figure out how to simultaneously allow fireworks and have that happen in a way that's more neighborly. That may end up being some restrictions on size of fireworks, or the times of year they can be used."

    Parks and Recreation Department Director Kirk Duncan says the PRAC will determine at this week's meeting how to proceed at a future meeting.

    "We're going to have a big meeting in September, probably at Centennial Hall, where we'll be talking about fireworks," said Duncan. "If you ban fireworks in the park, do they just end up in the residential areas? The Assembly is looking at potentially broadening the conversation to a city-wide conversation, so it should be an interesting meeting in September."

    The PRAC meeting convenes at 6 p.m. Tuesday in Assembly Chambers at City Hall.

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