Police raid spurred community school lock down

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Juneau Police raid at the Barrett house downtown last Wednesday impacted the operation of the school district's community school.

    Superintendent Mark Miller talked about that on Action Line  Monday.  "They came to the school first and said, 'We need you guys to lock down.  We need all the kids to stay in place.  We can't have any students out on recess or walking around the area, so we'll let you know when its safe, but for right now let's keep them away from windows and keep the doors locked and we'll let you know when its safe to go back outside.'"

    The Juneau  Community Charter School will be in a safer location in time for next school year, according to Miller. " We're going to move them to Juneau Douglas High School next year in a separate wing where its a little further away from some of the action that's going on downtown right now."

    Miller thinks the move will provide a better educational environment and will save the district about $120,000 in rental fees.  In addition, he said they won't have to worry about stray hypodermic needles that sometimes have been found in the area before school, as well as police activity there.

    The superintendent said there's also some serious water - mold issues in the building.  There's not a  cafeteria on site  and Miller said they have  found if difficult to deliver food there due to traffic flow  issues in the 4th and Gold Streets area.


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