Preparedness Expo going on

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) A State of Alaska Local Emergency Planning Committee Grant was being well spent in Juneau today as the City hosted a Safety and Preparedness Expo for the community at Centennial Hall.

    Firearm safety, how to keep your home safe from fire hazards, police programs like neighborhood watch, and a hummer from the Alaska National Guard greeted visitors Friday at the Hall. The event continues on Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Several presentations also lined the schedule including disaster preparedness for all ages, preparing your pets for emergencies, volunteering with the American Red Cross in Juneau, hazardous material safety, wilderness safety, and citizen CPR.

    Peter Flynn, a firefighter with Capital City Fire Rescue provided information on how to safely heat your home in the winter.  The fire department normally has a rash of fires in October due to wood stoves not being cleaned and maintained.  Space heaters can also cause a fire hazard in winter.

    Preston Bach of the U.S Coast Guard, District 17, in Juneau said he has been very impressed with the helpfulness of boaters on the water here in times of emergency.  He said you should check your boat thoroughly to make sure it is operating properly before you go on the water.  Two forms of communication, life jackets, and keeping a proper looking, are other tips for boating safety.

    Juneau Mountain Rescue said they have made 12 rescues this year, many of them near the Mendenhall Glacier.  They urged the public to know your trail, have a plan, be prepared to rainy weather, hike in a group and hire a guide if inexperienced or unfamiliar with the area.

    Michelle Brown, who coordinated the event, said the City local Emergency Planning Committee will hold a free Community Emergency Response Team course this month to prepare the community in the event of a disaster.  The classes start on September 26th and are broken up into two sessions, one for disaster preparedness, and a second on basic fire suppression techniques.  The classes are held at the Hagevig Regional Fire Training Center at 206 Sherwood Lane.

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