Rep Dean Westlake (D-Kiana) Accused of Sexual Harassment

    Juneau, AK (KTVA) - KTVA reported that the Representative for Kiana, Dean Westlake, has been accused of unwelcome sexual advances towards a former legislative staff woman.

    The victim's full name was asked to be kept unknown, being referred only by her first name Olivia. Olivia sent a letter to House leadership in March about two incidents of Westlake behaving inappropriately. The first incident reportedly happened at the Juneau-Douglas Museum in January. Westlake was said to have grabbed the woman and made a comment that her hair "turned him on."

    The second incident was at a Juneau art studio downtown, where Westlake was said to have grabbed her buttocks while walking by. Olivia also said that a member of the art studio staff saw the incident.  

    This follows accusations that Senator David Wilson of Wasilla harassed a female legislative staff member in the House. A working group has been formed to address harassment policies in Juneau.

    Westlake was reported to be out of state, recovering from a surgery.

    Find the original KTVA story here.


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