Report "McCain regrets choosing Palin"

    Washington, DC (KINY) Senator John McCain expressed regret in his latest memoir from his own 2008 presidential campaign, that he chose Sarah Palin to be his running mate instead of long time friend, former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman.

    Palin gave an interview to the Daily Mail of London.  The one-time Republican vice-presidential candidate told The Daily Mail on Thursday that she feels a “perpetual gut punch” every time she hears reports about McCain’s regrets and that having to read the news every day is “not a real fun thing.”

    “I attribute a lot of what we’re hearing and reading regarding McCain’s statements to his ghostwriter or ghostwriters,” Palin said. “I don’t know unless I heard it from Sen. McCain myself.”

    She added that McCain has “apologized to me repeatedly for the people who ran his campaign,” adding that some of them “now staff MSNBC, the newsroom there, which tells you a lot.”

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