Republican Palmer Representative Jim Colver warns of political corruption

    According to House Majority Leader Charisse Millet, it sounds like Colver is accusing fellow legislators of bribery.

    A Republican state legislator who's been reprimanded by his party is warning of political corruption -- without naming any of his colleagues.

    Palmer Representative Jim Colver published an opinion piece in the Alaska dispatch news responding to complaints that he votes too often with democrats.

    Colver says he represents his constituents and warns of "another VECO-like scandal with a bought-and-paid-for legislature."

    House Majority Leader Charisse Millett says that sounds like Colver is accusing his fellow legislators of bribery. She says she's confident every lawmaker is acting honestly, even when they differ on the issues, such as how to spend the earnings of the Permanent Fund.

    Local district republicans have endorsed Colver's opponent, George Rauscher, in the primary election, with no opponent listed for the general election in House District 9.

    In her midtown Anchorage District, Millett is unopposed in the august 16th Republican Primary.

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