Residents upset at bear shooting

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) A group of residents in Tee Harbor are upset that a brown bear was shot and killed after it got into a chicken coop on Randall Road September 11.

    The group argued before the Juneau City and Borough Assembly Monday night that the chicken owner should have been cited because they did not have an electric fence or other measures that might have discouraged the bear from his night time visit.  Alaska State Troopers said they were forced to shoot the bear when it charged the Trooper.

    The residents urged the Assembly to look at toughening their ordinance on chickens to try and avoid a repeat of this incident.

    Neighbor Roger Hughes said he was upset by the shooting because there was no reason for it.  He said he had seen this bear, and no one had any issues or threats from the animal.  "The bear was healthy, shiny and feed.  They are ready to go to bed.  You can't just kill everything because you want your own home grown eggs.  It just doesn't make sense to me."

    Hughes said the bear was just being a bear and didn't deserve to die.  He said many tourists visit Alaska each year to see wildlife but are disappointed because too many of them are killed.

    Another neighbor Cedar Malick said he thinks the bear's life was worth more than the life of a couple of chickens, "In the end this bear probably would have responded very well to hazing.  I know because I have personally chased bears off my property.  Often time it only takes making lots of noise and acting like you own the place.  This is the way to deal with any wildlife that is potentially dangerous."

    The neighbors say the chicken owner should be cited and fined because the chicken coop wasn't properly secured.

    State wildlife officials urge chicken owners to have an electric fence to deter bears from harming livestock they own.

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