Salmon ballot initiative likely

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) A judge overruled Alaska Lt. Governor Byron Mallott and his decision to keep an tougher environmental policy off the 2018 ballot.

    Superior Court Judge Mark Rindner Monday overruled Lt. Gov. Bryon Mallott's rejection of a proposed ballot measure that calls for improved vetting of all construction projects that impact salmon streams, and attempts to declare all Alaska waterways as salmons streams unless proven otherwise.

    The decision could next go to the Alaska Supreme Court.

    Mallott had declared the proposal unconstitutional because he interpreted the measure would require specific appropriations.  Mines in Alaska have argued the measure would block mining, drilling and other construction near Salmon Streams and hurt the economy.

    From here the group can continue to collect the signatures that are needed, over 32,000, in order to get on next year's ballot.  The deadline is January 16.

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