SEACC Disappointed with Governor's Decision Not to Veto Juneau Access Funding

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Southeast Alaska Conservation Council is not pleased with Governor Walker's decision not to veto the restoration of funding for the Juneau Access Project.

    Executive Director Meredith Trainor was a guest on Action Line Thursday. "We're feeling pretty disappointed," she said. "We think Governor Walker demonstrated true political leadership in 2016 when he decided not to have that money continue to be appropriated for the extension of the Juneau road and instead to focus on other transportation and infrastructure projects in Lynn Canal."

    Trainor said they believe the Governor's past decision of choosing the no-build alternative was the right move and hopes his decision not to veto the funding is not an indication of a change of heart.
    Trainor was joined on the program by SEACC's Grassroots Attorney Buck Lindekugal who said just because the Legislature put money back in the budget for the project doesn't mean the road will be built. "That decision is still the Governor's and its still the Commissioner of DOT and we think the Governor's going to stay strong and do what's right."

    SEACC went to court at one point to force the state to include a marine highway alternative as part of the environmental impact study. Lindekugal said they  could decide to return to court if a decision is made in the future to proceed with the project. "There was a lot of public comment that went into this. We raised a lot of serious questions with the adequacy of their analysis and their basis for moving forward."

    The fate of the matter will all depend on who is elected governor this November.


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