Senator Sullivan wants military prepared for battle

    Washington, DC (KINY) The Senate Armed Services Committee heard questions from Alaska U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan about whether or not the United STates is ready for a conflict in the Arctic.

    Senator Sullivan said with China and Russia return to great power status, conflicts could occur in cold weather and mountainous areas.  He noted when the country was asked to fight in these conditions in North Korea, things didn't work out that well.

    The committee recently approved the proposed defense budget that calls for more resources in Alaska including ice  cutters and missile defense systems.

    Sullivan said he would like to see more training in Alaska like Arctic Edge operations last year

    [U.S. Marine Corps Commander General Robert Neller said they welcome the chance to come to Alaska and they recognize the need to be more active in the arctic region.

    Secretary of the US Navy Richard Spencer said training in Alaska will be vital in the future.  He said they also notice that Russia is being more aggressive in the arctic.

    Senator Sullivan secured a provision calling for the department to report back on a new concept for a “Strategic Arctic Port” that would bolster U.S. military infrastructure to support future ice-hardened U.S. Navy Ships and/or U.S. Coast Guard heavy polar ice breakers in the Arctic region.


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