Serial killer tries to escape prison

    Denver, Colorado (KINY) A former FBI informant, Scott Kimball, who helped uncover a plot to kill a federal judge in Alaska, is facing new charges of attempted escape and solicitation of first degree murder.

    Kimball is behind bars for four murders and now is accused of attempting to arrange a killing from behind bars at the Sterling Correctional Facility.  Charges filed include solicitation of first degree murder.  Kimball is currently serving a 70 year prison term for murdering three women and his uncle in 2003 and 2004.

    Kimball was released from prison to become a paid FBI informant, then married a mother of a young woman he had murdered and spent the couples honeymoon camping near the spot where he buried the daughter's body.  He also used the alias "Hannibal" befriended a prison cellmate's girlfriend, allegedly murdered her, and buried her in Utah.






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