Seward Street Lethal Fire Investigation - Update from Fire Chief

    Juneau, AK (KINY) - Fire Chief Rich Etheridge was asked about the investigation on the cause of a fire that claimed two lives Sunday morning.

    "The fire marshals are still investigating and we are working in conjunction with the Juneau Police Department, because it was a fatal fire," Etheridge explained. "It's going to take a couple weeks to get all the facts and all of the testing and stuff back. We've got lots of interviews to go through, lots of medical examiner stuff to work out, so it will be a while before we determine what exactly occurred."

    We asked if arson has been ruled out as a cause.

    "They haven't been able to rule anything out yet; they're still working on it. It's not a cut and dry simple 'X marks the spot'. They're still digging into it, reviewing pictures, interviews, trying to get statements from people that were there."

    Four of his firefighters needed medical care at the hospital for smoke inhalation and exhaustion. Etheridge assured us that these folks are okay.

    "Everybody has been released from the hospital; they were evaluated and released later that day. They are back on the job, working hard."


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