Sockeye Salmon down in Upper Cook Inlet

    Kenai, Alaska (KINY) Alaska had a good salmon season overall according to a report from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

    The Upper Cook Inlet had a scarce sockeye salmon harvest this year, but commercial fishers caught more coho, chum and pink salmon than expected.

    The sockeye harvest was the smallest in 10 years, leading to this year's overall salmon harvest being lower than average, according to a season summary released on Tuesday by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

    Fishermen brought in about 1.8 million sockeye, according to the summary. Altogether, about 3 million salmon of all species were harvested, which is about 500,000 fewer than the recent 10-year average.

    While Upper Cook Inlet experienced a slow year, most of the state had a strong year, officials said.

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