Sunday Ice Safety Special

    View of the mendenhall glacier from the visitor's center.

    Ice Safety class at the visitors center was cancelled.

    Since the planned Ice safety class at the Mendenhall glacier was cancelled on Saturday, and there were still folks out on the ice, The Juneau Radio Center is presenting a Sunday Ice Safety Special!

    If you are venturing towards the glacier this weekend, please do not go alone, and be aware of the ice thickness in the areas you are walking. There is no concentrated effort to measure the ice thickness on a regular basis in Juneau, but the Army corps of Engineers states that a minimum of 1 and 3/4 inches of ice is required for a person on skis, 2 inches for a person on skates, and 3 inches is required for a snowmobile or a group of people walking single file.

    Many of the folks out at the Mendenhall glacier on Saturday were walking three abreast or in small clumps. The Army corps of engineers recommends that groups of people designate one person to walk ahead of the group and scout the ice.

    If you do fall through the ice, do not panic! Remember that keeping your arms outward when you fall will allow you to keep your head and shoulders above water. Wait a few seconds for the initial shock to subside, and if you are alone, you will have to use your feet like a swimmer to propel you while you kick and crawl out of the hole.

    The Army corps of Engineers recommends that hypothermia treatment involve stripping off wet clothes and getting inside a dry sleeping bag with another person if possible for warmth

    Please be careful out there Juneau!


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