Superintendent's Performance Evaluation to Highlight School Board Meeting

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Topping the agenda of the Juneau School Board meeting Tuesday evening is final action on Superintendent Mark Miller's annual evaluation.

    We asked the superintendent about that on Action Line Friday. Miller said they have finalized some of the language on his contract extension for next school year and feels all parties are in agreement.

    A name augmentation for Gastineau Elementary is also on the agenda. It was spurred by the unearthing of remains of Tlingit people who had been buried there during a renovation project. The remains were reburied and a memorial is being built in front of the school now. It was agreed to to put an addendum on the name of the  school that had Tlingit origins or meaning, according to Miller. He says the Douglas Indian Association recommended the name Sayéik which Miller says loosely translated means "spirit helper."

    The board will also take up approval of the six year capital improvement plan to be submitted to the state for maintenance grants. We asked Miller why they're even bothering with that given the Legislature's five year moratorium on the funding of new school construction and renovation. "That's because it's a hoop that you have to jump through. You're required to do it in order to stay in the queue so if the money ever does come back  just in the case the program comes back, you're there."

    Also on the agenda is the approval of Association of Alaska School Board resolutions. Miller says the resolutions will be taken up at the association's meeting in Anchorage this November. Those resolutions will then be sent to the Legislature, with one dealing with increased funding for education.

    There's a work session prior the regular meeting that will deal with the science curriculum.

    The work session is scheduled to get underway at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday with the regular meeting gaveling in at 6 p.m. Both will be held in the Juneau Douglas High School Library.



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