Tom Williams talks about his Assembly candidacy on Action Line

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Juneau Assembly Areawide candidate Tom Williams introduced himself to voters while a guest on Action Line Friday.

    "I've been a resident of Juneau for 41 years.  I've held a number of positions in government and the private sector.  Most recently, the last 18 years,  I've been in the private sector working out at the airport for a couple of companies, Ward Air.  I've also held some positions in state government, the Senate Finance Committee, director of a couple of divisions in the Department of Revenue and Legislative Audit.  I've been a certified public accountant, although I did let my certificate lapse this last year.  My wife and I also operate a vacation rental at Auke Bay, Alaska Northern Sands."

    And he explained whey he decided to run for the Assembly.  "Well let me think about that.  Lets see.  Lots of meetings.  Lots of information.  Getting more than half the town irritated at you for making a decision that they didn't like.  Those aren't particularly the reasons.  I just think that there are some important issues Juneau is facing and given my financial and budgeting background, I think a keen look at where spending our money and what we're getting for what we're spending is an important issue and I think I have the skills  to help that along."

    Williams will face Carole Triem in the October 2 election  to fill out the one year left  in the term for  areawide seat vacated by Norton Gregory who resigned after deciding to run for mayor.



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