Triem introduces herself to voters on Action Line

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Areawide Assembly Candidate Carole Triem introduced herself to voters while a guest on Action Line Tuesday.

    She was born and raised in Petersburg. She attended college and graduate school at Georgetown University and moved to Juneau four years ago after finishing her Master's Degree in public policy.

    Triem said it was "awesome" growing up in Petersburg. "I couldn't pick a better  place to grow up, but a little too small for my taste these days."

    Listeners learned more about Triem after host Pete Carran asked what spurred her to run. She explained she has a strong interest in policy and economics.  She's an economist for the state Division of Economic Development in the Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Development where she works on the state's comprehensive economic development strategy. Prior to that position, she worked in the Division of Public Assistance in the State Department of Health and Social Services.

    Triem's been following city issues since she moved to Juneau and figured if she cared strongly she should put her money where her mouth is and try to effect some change on the Assembly.

    Her first job was as a Norwegian dancer where she danced for the cruise ship passengers who visited Petersburg. "That was a pretty fun job," she said. "We got paid nine dollars every time we danced."

    Triem faces Tom Williams in the October 2 election. The winner will serve the one year remaining in the term of Norton Gregory who resigned to run for mayor.


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