United Tribal Transboundary Work Group hoping to speak to State Department officials again in Hawaii

    JUNEAU, Alaska (KINY) - U. S. State Department and Environmental Protection Agency officials met with the United Tribal Transboundary Work Group in Southeast Alaska recently.

    The subject was the danger presented by mines in British Columbia to fishing grounds in Southeast Alaska.

    That was a subject of discussion on Action Line Tuesday.

    The State of Alaska has initiated discussions with the B. C. government, but there are those who want the State Department to open talks with Canada's federal government under terms of an existing treaty addressing waterway concerns.

    The State Department has been approached in the past, but its response has been termed lukewarm.

    Rob Sanderson is the first vice president of the Tlingit-Haida Central Council and a member of the work group. He says the meetings with the federal officials, went "Okay" but they have a lot of work yet to do. "We definitely have their attention!", said Sanderson. He also says they hope to speak to State Department officials again at next month's World Conservation Council meeting in Hawaii.

    Sanderson says for the next step, "We need to exercise our government to government relationships and sit down with at the table with BC First Nation."

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