Young whale rescued

    Kenai, Alaska (KINY) A whale, only weeks old, was rescued last week after it was spotted beached on the shore of the COOK Inlet's Trading Bay, authorities said.

    The beluga whale calf, estimated to be 2-4 weeks old, is now being nurtured back to health. A state trooper and Noah Meisenheimer of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration were on patrol in a helicopter when they spotted the stranded beluga last week. They did not see any adult belugas in the area and when they tried to put the calf back in the water, it re-beached itself.

    Authorities went on to state that the calf is now at the Alaska SeaLife Center marine intensive care facility to treatment.  The calf is the first ever to be taken into human care from the endangered beluga population in Cook Inlet.

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