Juneau Jetaway VIP Invitees

    Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's (very different) Juneau Jetaway!  While we miss not gathering together for one BIG party, we still wanted to make this year's contest special.  Below are the 10 VIPs, who are invited to our very special Juneau Jetaway VIP Dinner! 

    • Rachel Atkinson
    • Suzy Bethel
    • John Castillo
    • Brenda Chapman
    • Wendy Cole
    • Craig Crandall
    • Deb Lawler
    • Amy Romme
    • Warren Russell
    • John Shorty, Jr.

    If your name is on the list, and you haven't called 907-586-3630 to confirm your spot, do so ASAP!  No proxies will be honored for this event.  You must be present at the dinner for your chance to win.

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