Secret Sound




    Well, will you look at that! One week after Tyler wins, we have ANOTHER winner, first time player, Alexis Abercrombie. Her good ears identified the sound as opening an envelope and so she won the $135 in the jackpot. Four winners so far this year! You can listen to the brand spankin' new Secret Sound below πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

    CONGRATULATIONS TO TYLER FERRIN who is our third winner for 2022, winning $525! So what was the sound? Opening or closing a cooler. Tyler was at Eagle Beach, picnicking with the family, grabbed some hotdogs from the cooler and thought, 'Wait, that sounds familiar ... could that the Secret Sound?' So he signed up to play and yep, he was correct. Nice work, Tyler!

    Our second winner for 2022 was Roxy Bell, who picked up $215 when she guessed the sound as dialing the combination lock on a safe.

    That came after Phyllis Rasmussen, who was our first Big Money Secret Sound winner for the year. She won $550 when she identified the sound as swiping a credit card.

    Check out the brand new secret sound below!

    Big thanks to our sponsor, Northland Audiology & Hearing Services in the Jordan Creek Mall.

    PLUS every player wins a Subway gift card!

    The Sound

    Click the player below to hear the sound. Listen to it as many times as you like until you think you know what it is ... and then sign up to play below πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸΌ

    If you're still hearing the old sound, don't forget to refresh your browser!

    Enter To Play

    Get ready to win cash with the Taku 105 Big Money Secret Sound!

    Fill out the info below, and you're all set! Cliff and Sharon will call you to play and you'll have the chance to win the entire jackpot ... and the jackpot increases by $10 every time we have an incorrect guess! Good luck, and thanks for listening!

    Note: you must live in Juneau to play.

    Submission Form

    Previous Incorrect Guesses

    A piece of paper being lifted up and slammed onto a big stack of papers

    Squirting a fire extinguisher

    The end of a water squirter or water gun when the air comes out

    Someone messing around with a paper bag

    A ball return at a bowling alley

    Wrapping or unwrapping a gift with gift paper

    Playing air hockey





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