Shouldn't the PFDs be Inflation-Proof?

    I'm retired now and live in WA. I went to Alaska in 1967 to be a smokejumper, left and came back twice and now the State of Alaska sends me a retirement check each month, for which I am truly grateful. What is all the talk about Permanent Fund Dividends? It seems to me that Governor Hammond set things up so there would be a permanent fund, income for PFDs, state operations, and inflation proofing. He believed the state should live within its means, and the PFD was meant to keep people on their toes, so they would watch over legislators and make sure they would act responsibly. I was reading a book where the author wrote, "It is unfortunate, humans are well-practiced in the art of self-deception and denial of reality." People never learn.

    submitted by: Don Madsen


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