CCFR air rescues injured man from road near Hoonah

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Capital City Fire and Rescue responded to a remote road near Hoonah on Sunday, for an air rescue of a young man who had been in a motorcycle accident. News of the North reached out to assistant fire chief Travis Mead, who coordinated CCFR's response.

    "An Alaska State Trooper called me to inform me that there had been an Inreach activation for a person that had a possible broken leg over near Hoonah on one of the roads, one of the dirt roads, and he asked if CCFR was able to provide some medical personnel to fly over in a  helicopter and assist with you know, treating and stabilizing and then bringing him over here to care," said Mead. "And I said, Yeah, absolutely. That's, you know, something that we do within CBJ, normally within the CBJ but we can go outside of it. If need be if requested, and we call that an Air Rescue and it's pretty much it's a scene we access with a helicopter usually and so we did that we were able to provide a paramedic and an EMT and they got their gear together and then met over at Temsco"

    He also outlined the timeline of the rescue.

    "I think they were off the ground by about 3 o'clock, 3:30 I believe, and flew direct to the scene was able to land on the road or this person had injured himself. I believe he was riding some type of an ATV and had an accident got injured, did had some traumatic injury on one of his extremities. And so they were able to airlift him back and landed right at the airport in Juneau, where we had a medical ambulance to meet him and continue transport to the hospital," said Mead.

    According to Mead, once at the hospital, the man's condition stabilized.

    Air rescues within the CBJ boundaries are something CCFR does a few times a year, he says, but rescues in other places are less common

    "It doesn't happen that often, but it definitely has happened and of course when the Troopers ask us then we're going to do everything we can to assist with. If it's outside of our of the city and borough, then it's something that you're not going to see that much of unless the troopers are there and requesting a resource from us, and that comes down to whether we can spare it at the time. We usually can," said Mead.



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