City begins distributing at home test kits to the public

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The City and Borough of Juneau began distributing free at-home COVID tests.

    These tests can be self-done at home or anywhere and will return results in 15 minutes

    They can be picked up at the City Hall Cash office, all of the Public Libraries, and the Diamond Park Aquatic center.

    At this time, the public can pick up two tests per family until supply increases.

    CBJ Emergency Planner Robert Barr called it a big strategy shift for the city.

    The kit comes with a sheet of instructions that can provide some guidance and advise

    CBJ currently has about 5,400 tests to distribute and is expecting an additional 10,000 tests in the next 5-7 weeks

    They say that while positive results from the tests are not counted in the state COVID-19 numbers, CBJ asks Juneau residents to report positive at-home test results to Public Health at 907-465-3353 to learn about possible treatment options or any other appropriate medical follow-up.

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