Deal struck on use of Auke Bay Marine Station

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - As expected, the University of Alaska Southeast and the City and Borough of Juneau have reached an agreement on sharing the Auke Bay Marine Station.

    The four acre facility is the original location of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Auke Bay Lab.  The facility was put up for surplus after the Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute at Lena Point was built in 2005.

    The university and Docks and Habors put in competing requests to claim the property a year ago this month.    When the General Services Administration determined  both proposals benefited the public and eligible to receive the property and its facilities free of cost, work started on an agreement.

    UAS, which has its main campus in Auke Bay, plans to use the former NOAA Lab building to further develop research and educational programs in marine biology, biology, environmental science and geography. Docks & Harbors will make moorage facilities available to UAS and intends to improve Statter Harbor with a new, larger breakwater and enhanced moorage.

    GSA has indicated November 1 as being a target date to turn over the Auke Bay Marine Station to the two entities.



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