Disaster exercise to be held at Juneau airport on July 23

    CCFR Assistant Chief Ed Quinto

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The tri-annual disaster exercise drill at Juneau International Airport is set for this Saturday.

    According to CCFR Assistant Fire Chief Ed Quinto, it is training that is required by the FAA.

    "It's a requirement every three years, the FAA requires that we do what's called a full-scale disaster exercise," Quinto said. "That means we do a mock accident that occurs with an aircraft that's the biggest aircraft that comes in on a normal basis. In this case, we have an Alaska Airlines 737 and about 130 people that are technically get injured."

    Quinto explained what the day of the exercise will be like.

    "During the day, we'll still have normal operations so aircraft and airplanes will still take off and land," Quinto said. "We will be off to the side. And then we'll have multiple victims, 50 to 80, depending on how the airport crews are setting up, so we'll have a tone-out as normal. We'll turn out the crash trucks. We'll have people all over the place simulating that they are injured. They're all bleeding and have bruises and bone sticking out."

    The airport is looking for volunteers to act as victims during the exercise. You must be 12 years old and older. The number is 907-789-7821.


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