Fourth of July Parade on Monday

    Fourth of July Committee at KINY's Capital Chat

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The Fourth of July Committee talked on Capital Chat about the holiday festivities they have planned.

    The parade will start at 11 am in downtown Juneau Monday and follow its normal route to Douglas.

    They have about 30 floats.

    Secretary Kelly Patterson spoke about how the process for choosing Grand Marshals works and this year's theme.

    "What happens is the committee comes up with their nominees. We pick a theme and then we pick people that we think best reflects the theme. We take a week to think about it, make sure that nobody has any disagreements, and then we do a very selective vote. And this is what we come up with. The theme of this year is the spirit of community. So we were looking for somebody who pours their heart, spirit, and soul into Juneau. And I don't think that we could have found better people than Dr. Amy Dressel and Brian Weed. They are just, it's almost impossible to be in Juneau and not know them, or at least have heard of them."

    Dr. Amy Dressel talked about her place in the community.

    "I've been here 23 years. I basically poured myself into every single aspect of this community. I've been on several boards and committees and you know, a lot of having to do with healthcare and children. But, helped rebuild the playground. You know, do like things like Park Foundation and AWARE. Or, you know, do a lot of things around the community, helped to build the Child Advocacy Center. Where I actually met Kelly's mother. You know, and different things having to do with aspects of the community that needs support and help."

    Brian Weed added information about his role in the community.

    "I created a hiking group in Juneau called Juneau's Hidden History. And it was to get the average person out exploring and having adventures where people are like, I can't climb Mount St. Helens. Well, your adventure might just be climbing Mount McGinnis or Thunder Mountain, but it's to get people out into the community and get people healthy."

    Daymond Geary, the committee's director, commented on remembering Jean Sztuk, and that the theme this year is in tribute to her.

    "We are honoring Jean Sztuk, one of our Grand Marshals. She passed away in February. 47 years she served this community. 37 of them she was on this committee. And yeah, we are proud to be able to put her out there. Her son is, as I understand is going to be in her truck in the parade."

    Sztuk will be an honorary grand marshal.

    And Patterson explained how you can volunteer next year.

    "You can find us on We ask for volunteers there you can submit emails to us we would love to have new committee members we usually start planning around April. We meet once a week for about an hour."

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