Harbor Department wants greater oversight on skateboarding

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Port Director Carl Uchytil is recommending the Docks and Harbors Board consider expanding the regulatory oversight of skateboarders on properties the port manages.

    According to Uchytil, over the past few years, Harbor staff has witnessed skateboarders who have recklessly skated in the vicinity of crowded pedestrian traffic, who have trespassed secure gates to gain access to the cruise ship floats, and who have damaged concrete seating areas near the Tram.  

    “With the ongoing construction of the public portion of the Archipelago bus staging area, it appears this could be an attractive nuisance for skateboarders in the future,” Uchytil said.

    A CBJ skateboarding ordinance approved in 2004, prior to significant waterfront improvements, regulates skateboards and similar devices within the downtown corridor, Marine Park Plaza, Marine Park Parking Area, Marine Park Parking Garage, and near the Fishermen’s Memorial.   

    Because of the recently improved infrastructure along the waterfront, Uchytil is seeking increased oversight.


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