Having a Superbowl party? Be ready to pay more for your snacks

    Source: Pattern

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - The current inflation is affecting more than just the gas prices, it's impacting popular Superbowl party snacks.

    Inflation has been impacting the economy in a number of ways, however, if you're planning on having a party for the Superbowl be prepared to pay more for your snacks.

    Data released by Pattern Data Science shows that many of the snacks that people buy for their Superbowl parties have gotten more expensive.

    The largest price increase mentioned in the data was for Mayo, which increased 35% from what it was this time last year, going from $4.68 to $6.31.

    These prices used for this analysis were from the Amazon marketplace.

    It wasn't just the snacks that saw an increase, paper plates, plastic dishware, and napkins also saw an increase in price.


    Not everything increased in price. Items such as chicken wings and nacho cheese each saw a decrease in price by 13%.

    This isn't to dissuade customers from buying these items, but it helps show that inflation is a wide-reaching issue that can affect citizens beyond their larger expenses.

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