Juneau's High School Hoopsters and Skaters Can Unmask

    Referees, score keepers and fans stay masked while waiting for action to begin in the recent Capital City Classic basketball tournament at JDHS.

    The Juneau School District is allowing their high school basketball and hockey players to play unmasked if certain testing requirements are met. Juneau School District Superintendent Bridget Weiss noted that the change only applies to players who are actively participating in one of the two sports and that coaches and athletes seated on the bench still have to wear face coverings.

    The Juneau School District guidance for JSD high school activities, concerning masks, is as follows:

    1. Masks are required by all adults and by players who are not actively participating--both at practice and competitions.

    2. Players have two options: Wear a mask while practicing and competing OR participate in the additional testing required to play without masks as outlined below.

    3. Weekly required PCR testing for unvaccinated athletes and coaches is still required.

    4. All testing requirements of destination team/school/community must be followed. 

    Additional testing requirements to play without masks -

    1. To play unmasked at home events:

    JSD vaccinated and unvaccinated athletes who choose to play unmasked will take an antigen test the day of the event (students will test themselves on site and show coach results).
    visiting teams will have a choice to test within 48 hours (or 72 if need be) prior to traveling if they want to play unmasked, otherwise they need to mask while they play in Juneau.

    2. To play unmasked during travel (away) events:

    All JSD traveling athletes will PCR test the week of travel within 48 hours of travel if they wish to play unmasked.
    All JSD traveling athletes who have competed without masks will be required (while it is available) to test at the airport upon return.

    3. To be unmasked at practices:

    Between the travel testing and the antigen testing, teams will be testing anywhere from 2 - 3 times a week.
    Antigen testing will not be required every day of practice.
    If for some reason a team isn't actively competing for a week, we will consider an antigen test for one of their practices for all athletes.

    The above testing requirements listed in #1, 2 and 3 are for all unmasked athletes (vaccinated or not) who have not had COVID in the past 90 days. The 90 days starts with the date of the positive test or the first day of symptoms, whichever comes first. That is the only exception to the testing requirements above for athletes who wish to play unmasked. Athletes who recover from COVID-19 and end isolation after 5 days must mask for the next 5 days.

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