Paul Kelly announces he is running for the Juneau Assembly

    Paul Kelly (left) shared information and bubbles with families at the Maritime Festival on Saturday. (Photo credit Jasz Garrett/KINY)

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Paul Kelly held a booth at the Maritime Festival Saturday afternoon and hosted a campaign kickoff event at the Whale Statue Saturday evening.

    Kelly shared his goals with News of the North.

    "I'm running for the area-wide seat for the City and Borough of Juneau Assembly. I hope my focus will be on reducing homelessness. I would like to continue the Assembly's strong support for public education, and I would like to do what I can to grow and diversify our economy," he told News of the North.

    Kelly has run for the Assembly before.

    "I served three years on the School Board from 2018 to 2021, and at that point, I realized that as important as education is for me, there's also a lot more issues that I wanna focus on. So I made my first run for the Assembly as I was finishing my term on the School Board back in 2021," Kelly shared. 

    He said he attended the Maritime Festival to get to know people in the community more.

    "I believe it's very important to listen to people. When I ran for the Assembly last time, it really helped inform my platform the last time and it's helped give me a head start this time," he said.

    Kelly talked more about how he plans to grow Juneau's economy.

    "Part of my platform is I want to grow and diversify Juneau's economy. There's many ways that we can do that. I think, first of all, diversifying our cruise ship tourism; trying to bring more independent travelers and more conferences to Juneau, that brings more money to Juneau," he said. "But then also, I think, making it easier for young families to work. To move here, work here, stay here. To do that, I think we need to put a renewed focus on childcare in Juneau."

    Kelly encouraged voters to look him up and do further research.

    Voters can find more information at or on his Facebook page at

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