Sen. Murkowski wants to hear case before deciding on witnesses

    Sen. Lisa Murkowski

    Washington, DC (AP) - Senator Lisa Murkowski said she's comfortable waiting to decide if more information is needed as part of the Senate's impeachment trial.

    Murkowski added that she'll reserve judgment until after hearing arguments from House managers and attorneys for President Donald Trump and questions from members.

    The Republican said Saturday she wants to make sure there's a process that allows senators to “really hear the case” and ask questions “before we make that determination as to, what more do we need. I don't know what more we need until I've been given the base case.”

    Murkowski spoke to reporters from Anchorage ahead of Senate impeachment trial proceedings expected to begin Tuesday.

    If Democrats try to add certain witnesses to an organizing resolution, Murkowski said she expects Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would move to table such a request and that she would support a tabling motion.

    “Because what I’ve worked hard to do is make sure that we have a process that will allow for that determination” — whether witnesses or documents are needed, she said. “But I want to have that at a point where I know whether or not I'm going to need it.”

    She said there are political pressures “on all of us” but said her responsibility is “not to focus on the politics of where we are but a recognition that we are in the midst of an infrequent and in many ways extraordinary process that the Constitution allows for and I’m going to take my constitutional obligations very, very seriously."

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