Sitka Crime Report

    Sitka, Alaska (KINY) - The Sitka Police Department provided News of the North with a bulletin report forthe weekend of Sep.

    September 15th

    On 09/15/2023, the Sitka Police Department received a complaint from a father on Monastery Street that his daughter had brandished a knife and
    placed it within inches from the fathers head. The juvenile female was placed under arrested for DV Assault 3rd Degree.

    On 9/15/23, a 10-day impound notice was affixed to the vehicle. The vehicle had a note stating going for air and asking not to tow. The note appeared to be warn and fading. residence in the area advised the vehicle had been there for several days to weeks. The vehicle had been seen parked in several locations over the summer with a female using it to sleep. The registration expired in 2020.

    On 9/15/23, SPD received a 911 call reporting an active assault in progress that involved domestic violence. SPD responded to the scene, upon arrival the suspect had fled the area.

    September 16th

    A complainant called SPD and reported his vehicle which was parked at the parking lot behind Erin's bar was hit by another vehicle which caused
    damage to the rear passenger side. The vehicle that caused the damage left the scene and didn't leave a note.

    September 17th

    Cipriano Guerreo, 46 yrs old, was arrested on 9/17 on Driving Under the Influence – Felony, Felony Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test of Breath, and Driving without a Valid Driver’s License.

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