Team Juneau wins the Juneau Huskies Alumni game, 11-0

    Team Juneau, in black, and Team World, in red, face off for the Huskies Alumni Game on May 26th (Photo by Jordan Lewis)

    Juneau, Alaska (KINY) - Friday night, saw Team Juneau go up against Team World for the Juneau Huskies Alumni Game.

    The Alumni game serves as a fundraiser to help pay for new equipment and other expenses for the Juneau Huskies. By the end of the game, they raised around $13,000 dollars for next season.

    Team Juneau was comprised of players from in town with Team World being made up of alumni players who came back to Juneau to play the game.

    The band Father Figures, made up entirely by dads, performed before the game began as well as during halftime.

    (The Father Figures preparing to perform. Photo by Jordan Lewis/KINY)

    While the game started high energy with both teams having a strong defense, Team Juneau would make the score of the game during the second quarter. Making the score 3-0 going into halftime.

    (Photo by Jordan Lewis/KINY)

    News of the North spoke with the Coaches of both teams to see how they were feeling going into the second half and the game overall.

    First, was Team Juneau with coach and player Brandon Ridle,

    "You always want to draw first blood, so that was great. it was a great feeling. It's only three but first points are first points."

    Next was Team World with their coach and player Lino Fenumiai.

    "Well, I didn't like how the score was (going into halftime) but it was good to get in there to put helpful wherever I could, you know, most of our guys were going down and I'm like, oh boy, I better step in, and start filling in some gaps. So it felt pretty good getting in there, getting whatever plays I could."

    The game ended with Team Juneau taking the win with a final score of 11 to 0. While Juneau got the win, the ultimate goal was to raise money for the Huskies and inspire the next generation of players.

    Coach Fenumiai made this point even more clear after the game.

    "This is for the kids, this is for the community," Fenumiai said. "Our main goal or main focus is to put on a show for our future, you know, and they're the ones coming up into it and filling up our shoes."

    Both teams standing together after the game (Photo by Jordan Lewis/KINY)

    (Photo by Jordan Lewis/KINY)

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