Jessi Dan

    Jessi Dan 9A - 4P

    Jessi Dan hangs out with you during your workday (weekday mornings from 9am to 3pm). She keeps it fun and sometimes rather funny with her personal stories, local and entertainment gossip, and Country Music News. Jessi Dan has worked in insurance, retail & mostly as a receptionist in the past. She has finally discovered her new dream job as a Country Music DJ. She is still and has always been an aspiring singer. (She admits shes always been “addicted” to the microphone)

    When not on the air she enjoys spending time with her kids. She isn’t afraid to remind people that her kids come first and wouldn’t have it any other way. She is a faithful church goer that loves to have a beer from time to time. Or 2. Or 3.

    Jessi Dan grew up in small town East Texas and spent the other half of her life in DFW. So she proclaims herself a 50/50 City Country Girl.

    Not only does she love Hot Hit Country, she prides herself in the fact that her Great Uncles were Bob Wills' Texas Playboys and are now in The Western Swing Hall of Fame.

    Country Music has her heart.
    Favorite Foods: Ummmmm....ALL! Okay, Mexican..Mexican...Mexican!!! Medium Rare Filet!!! Cotton Candy!!! (Yes, food does deserve exclamation points!)

    Favorite TV Shows: Dancing with the Stars, Nashville, The Pioneer Woman

    Favorite Movies: Pure Country, The Sound of Music, Dirty Dancing

    Favorite Movie Stars: Sandra Bullock & Tom Hanks

    Favorite Male Country Artist: George Strait

    Favorite Female Country Artist: Miranda Lambert

    Favorite Hangout: Fat Jacks

    Favorite Smells: Cotton Candy, Campfires & Mimi's Cornbread

    Favorite Weekend Activity: Hangin’ out with my kiddos :)

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