NOTN 1-6

    News of the North

    Friday, January 6th, 2023 - 16 minutes

    The Department of Transportation is seeking changes to the right of way used by tour operators on DOT-managed roads.

    This month, from January 6th to the 27th, the exhibit "Shifting Vantage Points" is being featured with work by local artists, Elizabeth Jurgeleit and Christine Carpenter at the City Museum.

    The 2022/2023 Juneau Area (Section 11-A) winter personal use red and blue king crab season opened at noon on Thursday and closes at noon on Sunday.

    The National Park Service is proposing a rule that would prohibit bear baiting in national preserves in Alaska.

    The US Forest Service is offering another opportunity for public comment on improvements to Juneau’s Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area.

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