News of the North

    Monday, August 1st, 2022 - 16 minutes

    The Alaska Department of Health and the Anchorage Health Department have announced the first case of monkeypox in Alaska.

    On Saturday, Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy signed Senate Bill 131, providing firefighters statewide with expanded workers' compensation disability coverage.

    School is starting soon in Juneau, with classes beginning Aug. 16.

    The current status of infrastructure and future projects in Alaska was presented to the Juneau Chamber Thursday.

    The City and Borough of Juneau Assembly meet tonight.

    Paul Everitt and Mary Synk are starting an RWB, 'Red, White and Blue' group in Juneau.

    The "Hairball Masq-Fur-Ade" fundraiser for Juneau Animal Rescue was held at Centennial Hall Saturday.

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