NOTN 9-26 AM

    News of the North

    Monday, September 26th, 2022 - 15 minutes

    An Alaska judge has ruled that a lawmaker affiliated with the Oath Keepers may stay on the general election ballot in November even though he’s likely ineligible to hold public office.

    Proposition No. 4 is a ballot question that proposes to repeal City and Borough of Juneau Code which relates to the confidentiality and disclosure of real estate values in transactions. CBJ Deputy Mayor Maria Gladsiszewski appeared on Action Line on Friday to discuss the proposition.

    A partnership between Trail Mix inc. and the forest service aims to brings improvements to Auk Nu Trail.

    Simply Three closed out Juneau Jazz and Classics Festival Saturday evening at JDHS.

    Juneau School Superintendent Bridget Weiss spoke to preliminary data on enrollment in Juneau schools while on action line.

    On Friday, Lori Moylan, the Public Policy Manager for Meta joined Dano on Capital Chat to talk about Internet safety for youth.

    Cori Mills a member of Rotary Club talked about Brewfest that took place Saturday afternoon.

    Meteorologist Nathan Compton from Alaska National Weather Service summarized this summer's temps and rainfall.

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