Stagecoach 2017 Giveaway

    Welcome to TAKU 105's 2017 Stagecoach Giveaway! Here's your chance to score tickets to the festival, as well as airfare and 4-day accommodations!

    Mendenhall Toyota is our EXCULSIVE sponsor for this giveaway, and Mendenhall Toyota is your one and only location to enter for your chance to see some of today's hottest country acts playing LIVE at Stagecoach Festival in California!

    The final giveaway is THIS Saturday at Mendenhall Toyota! To be eligible to win, you MUST be there by 12:30pm sharp! The drawing will be right after that, and you can't win if you're not there! There's still time to enter if you haven't yet, and Mendenhall Toyota is your exclusive entry location, so swing in sometime this week and enter yourself to WIN festival tickets, airfare and accommodation to Stagecoach!

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